The Kraken Casino Games Online

Kraken games introduce players to a whole new world of gaming with their innovative platform and library of The Kraken online slots. In the deep past, players made their way to gaming cities and casinos to enjoy slots and other games, but now thanks to apps like The Kraken you can play great games in the comfort of your own home.

There are thought to be almost 3bn game enthusiasts worldwide, and the online gambling industry is on its way to be worth over $500bn by 2025. A large part of this growth is now being fuelled by players who prefer to play on mobile devices, and platforms such as this one are providing that opportunity.

The Kraken app

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is simple to download. What is more the app is free. Players will find the games are designed for the smaller screen and so a handset or even the smallest tablet will be suitable to play the games on.

This is important since more and more players want to play on the move, and the recent developments in game design have ensured that most new games are suitable for mobile phones.

The advantage, therefore, is that the app is designed specifically for that purpose.

Release the Kraken casino online

Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to access not only a whole range of fishing games but a range of other popular slots too.

Amongst the former you can plunge below the water and try some great games such as:

.       Kraken
.       Blue Mermaid
.       Angry Frog
.       Crab King
.       Fire Kirin

Players will not be surprised to discover some classic games such as The Rich Things among the other slots available. The site is constantly expanding and there are Keno games to enjoy too.

Latest The Kraken online slots

Here we offer a quick review of some of the latest The Kraken online slots:

1.      Boy King’s Treasure
A classic Ancient Egyptian themed game you will have to uncover hidden treasures and objects throughout the game.

2.      Blue Mermaid
A game you cannot tire of, this is a Kraken game that is constantly being updated with new features and levels. Once you try this game you really will be hooked.

3.      Cookie Pop
This is one of the most entertaining games in the Kraken stable with a fun device where you shoot bubbles at bubbles to release furry cats. It is a unique game with series of levels and will appeal to plenty of players – and give you a break from the fish!

The Kraken game play

You will find there is a great variety of games here but some have similar mechanics and so you will need to try a few before settling on your choice of game to enjoy.
The underwater games are enduringly popular and players will find that once they have had a look at them, some will appeal more than others.

Once you have settled on those you want to play, take some time to understand the strategy. Very often in fishing games, players make the mistake of targeting low value symbols and wasting ammunition. Practise the games and develop your own strategy to improve your chances of winning prizes.

As is often the case you will need a strategy for some of them whilst others provide rapid resolutions. In reality, it’s just a question of trying each one and settling on the games that suit you. Once playing a game, regular practice helps you decide on strategy and the good news is that you can access the games anytime, anywhere thanks to the app design.


The Kraken provides a great range of games for players to enjoy and the app is simple to download. Certainly fans of fishing games will be excited, but the choice of games is constantly expanding.

Always remember to set limits and gamble responsibly.